About Us
Mary House is pleasantly inviting, gracious, and quiet.

Nature and grace gently combine to provide a setting for meditation and contemplation.

There are spacious lawns with surrounding woods.

Books are available for your spiritual quest.

No telephones, televisions, radios or tape recorders.

In the comfort of this house you relate to self and God in a direct, personal way, at your own pace, to fit your desires.

This unique, homelike setting has minimal guidelines:

You bring your own food, prepare your meals according to your hours and needs - thus keeping everything quiet and peaceful.

Silence and prayerfully relating to God are encouraged, conversing with others is discouraged - thus allowing space and aloneness for nature and God.

Our Belief
We believe that if you take the time and engage yourself in the stillness you will open new perspectives in your life and return home with a renewed spiritual strength.

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